Review: The Woman in Black


Over the weekend I had the privilege to see the live performance of The Woman in Black at the Fortune Theatre in London. The tickets fell into my lap suddenly and I had the chance to see the show with three of my friends.

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5 Ways to Balance School & Work


College is hard work and anyone who says otherwise probably doesn’t take school seriously. When you combined college with work, it can be seriously stressful. Managers, and parents if you nanny/babysit, give little to no consideration if you have homework due the next night or a final the next week. It is expected that you are available when they schedule each shift for you, and most jobs don’t like when you alter your hours for finals week (although we all do).

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Best Podcast For Your Morning Commute


As someone who spends a lot of her time on the train commuting to from one exciting venture to the next, I’ve come to find that podcasts are an important part of my daily routine. Aside from using my headphones to ignore tourists on the train to distracting myself from the requirement I call ‘homework’, I use my podcast time to laugh, learn and motivate myself.

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Best Tech Gadgets/Accessories I’ve Used Since Moving Abroad


Moving to a new city is an exciting adventure.

Packing for the move is the most stressful moment of the adventure. You don’t want to forget anything, from your favorite pair of shoes to your charger.

For my most recent return to London back in January, I stocked up on the most important travel techy accessories that I needed.

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Why Gap-Year Might Be Your Year

gap year

I never did a gap year.

I know, crazy. World traveller Alea never took a year off to explore the country she grew up in and didn’t leave her homeland to explore a different country. Here’s a girl who spends the majority of her time trying to convince everyone else that it’s important to explore the world, yet she barely has scratched the surface.

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Top 10 Reasons Hostels Are Your Best Friend


I am a broke college student. I put the definition into the word ‘broke’. Being broke means travelling is harder to do successfully because you want to see the world but have a tight budget. That’s okay because now major cities are offering cheap accommodations: hostels.

Hostels can be more than just sleeping in between all the sight-seeing. They offer so much more.

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