Museum of Happiness – Review


The Museum of Happiness is built on four values: compassion, community, creativity and consciousness. With these four things in mind, the museum offers an adventure where individuals of all ages and backgrounds can understand what makes them happy and how happiness can only help with their well-being.

As part of Winter Happiness Festival, the Museum of Happiness has opened up a ball pit exhibition for a five-week event. With January and early February being considered the most depressing weeks of the year, it has been advertised on TimeOut and the Evening Standard that the museum is offering a ball pit filled with over 24,000 white balls. You and your friends can book the ball bit for fifteen minute intervals at only five pounds each.

Located in Shoreditch, the museum has been attracting people of all different ages, genders and ethnicities that are looking for a little bit of laughter in the cold dreary weeks of winter. I found out about the little museum through the online magazine TimeOut and convinced five of my friends to spend a Friday afternoon jumping in balls.


Ball pits represent the innocence of childhood and there’s nothing more appealing then reuniting with one’s childhood. Not only does the museum have a ball pit but it is interactive, with activities asking what makes people happy and how one achieves this happiness. Over the five weeks everyone has written on walls, sticky notes and papers about what makes them happy. In a world filled with violence and hatred, it is important to take a moment and remember what exactly makes you happy and why this happiness is important to achieve.

While I could’ve spent the better part of my Friday focusing on the midterm essays that are due soon or figuring out internships, I needed a stress relief. So I spent twenty minutes jumping with my friends and laughing nonstop at how sill a bunch of twenty-something year olds looked as they gallivanted in a ball pit.


I wouldn’t have asked for a better afternoon or a better stress relief. Thank you, Museum of Happiness, for giving me an escape from the crazy world.


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