Best Unknown Travel Apps


From downloadable itineraries to trip organizers, in order to make 2017 the most successful travel trips it’s important to have your phone up-to-date with the best travel apps. For those who are short on cash all of these apps are free, which means more money for hotels, flights and endless culinary treats.

Google Trips

If you have a gmail account, it automatically uses your email to populate reservations. For those who are more private on the internet, this app may not be ideal. Other trip organizing apps such as Tripcase are a bit more private and can be more idea. If you crave simplicity when planning a trip and having your iternary in an easy-to-read format, and you have a gmail account, Google Trips may be ideal.

One of the best features of the app is that it suggests less touristy destinations, such as Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republis or Cabo Polonio in Uruguay. For bigger destinations like Dubai or London, the app offers day tours like ‘City Souks’ or ‘Literary London’, which you can download straight from Google Trips.

Cost: Free.

Guides by Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet guides are perhaps some of the best guides when planning a trip to a new city. You can download one of the city guides for free before exploring the city, so there’s no need to use data or crave wifi when you’re wandering without service. What a perk!

Known for giving budget travel recommendations and unusual cages, Lonely Planet does a fantastic job at suggesting good places to sightsee and local hotspots. They have a group of local authors writing for their online website and apps that the suggestions are up-to-date and are guarenteed to be perfect for any explore.

Flight Stats

This one is one of my personal favorites. Users can insert their flight numbers to find out about terminals, gates and delays. I’ve missed flights and have also spent minutes running through the airport like a desperate child in hopes of finding someone that can help or the correct terminal. With this there’s no reason to ever be worried.

The app also searches by airport soif you’re interested in learning about all the Delta flights flying out of Logan International Airport in Boston or the British Airlines flights leaving London, you can search that way. It even shows the flight paths for those concerned parents who want to make sure their child is on their way home.

Cost: Free.


I just discovered this one when returning to London and found it is helpful when leaving and returning to the United States. While following airports on Twitter remains the best way to know about travel delays (as the app above is!) this app calculates the wait time to clear airport security. How amazing is that?! It also offers features like current weather and where the TSA PreCheck is available. For constant travellers, this is a must-download app.

Cost: Free.


I can see you flinching at this suggestion. It’s not the most conventional way to meet people in a new city (I fully support going out for drinks at the local pub or making conversation in a museum) but many use dating apps to make connections when exploring new places. From solo travellers to groups of friends, setting up a friendly encounter or possible date may seem less intimidating then going out and starting conversation with a stranger in a bar.

One of the best features on Tinder right now is the new Social feature where a group of friends connect with other groups on the app. There’s safety in numbers and you and you four best friends could meet up with some locals and have a night on the town. It makes it less like a date and more a trendy 21st century way to meet locals. Locals know all the good bars and coffee shops so take a chance and get out of your comfort zone.


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