What Not To Do At A Networking Event


Networking events have become increasingly more popular as upcoming or recent college graduates are looking for work. Even some individuals who are already employeed are looking for new careers or looking for individuals they believe would work best with their company. Some people choose to avoid networking events due to nerves of meeting new people or because of bad experiences in the best. There are social etiquettes when attending a networking event and below are things not to do when attending a networking evemt.

Giving An Essay With What You Are Currently Doing

When meeting new people it is assumed that one of the first questions asked will be ‘what do you do?’. It’s a conversation starter and an important way to know if you and the person have similar interests.

Answer with something simple, such as: “I’m currently a student atteing (university) for a (degree)” or “I work at (company name) firm as (position)”.

Don’t give a full summary about what you do. If you talk too much then it immediatly turns off the person who started the conversation. They’re going to assume that you are not interested in what they do or who they are as a person.

Drink Too Much

Many networking events have an open bar. Alcohol is easy to consume and makes many people more relaxed when in a socially uncomfortable situation. The problem with consuming too much alcohol, however, is simple: it leads you to get drunk.

Don’t forget that you’re trying to meet these people and connect with these people. You’re hoping to find a job through them or recruit them to work for their company. Nobody is interested in someone that drinks too much in a professional setting.

Scan The Room Mid-Conversation

No one likes to think that someone is bored when talking to them. It makes them feel uncomfortable and as though they have nothing interesting to say. When conversing with someone make sure that the attention is on the two of you. Make sure to keep eye contact and allow the conversation to flow its natural course. When the conversation comes to a natural end, a simple ‘it was so nice to meet you!’ and the exhcange of business cards (if you’re interested) is polite. Only then can you begin to scan the room in search of the next connection.

Ask Them Who They Know

It’s not polite to ask “so you work at (company name)? You must know (name)! Do you think you can introduce us?” after meeting someone for the first time. You may be tempted to ask but it’s never polite and makes the other person feel insignificant.

Hit On Someone 

A networking event is just that: a networking event. It is not a social event. It is a business event in which you make new professional connections. If you think someone is cute then pursue them outside the event but picking up a girl or guy during an event is unprofessional.

Pull Out Your Resume

You may be searching for a job but there is no need to hand over your resume during an event. Business cards are the perfect way for someone to seek out more information about you and is professional. Consider yourself a consultant, not a job seeker. Many people will have no problem about talking about your job and your consulting but people get put off when resumes are introduced. They feel on the spot and obligated to take it, when in reality there may not be a position available for you. Use business cards, not resumes.


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