Top 5 Things to Do in Budapest


For my spring break, my roommate Sam and a good friend our ours, Ashley, decided to spend two nights and three days in Budapest, Hungry. I had never been to Budapest, let alone anywhere that East of Europe. It was an adventure for me, not only because it was a new city but also because I couldn’t speak the language! I had no expectations as to what to do, what to see and what the food was like. I have no regrets about what we accomplished in our limited time. Below is a list of what myself, as well as my travel companions, enjoyed about our trip to Budapest!

  1. House of Terror
    The House of Terror was originally the headquarters for the secret police and the museum focuses on the crimes and the Stalinist regimes. There are three levels of historical uprisings, including the basement where reconstructed prison cells feature photographs turnscoat, spies, prisoners and tortured souls. The building itself has a difficult history because it was here that the activists before and after World War II were interrogated and tortured. Rumor has it that the walls were created so thick so that no one could hear their painful screams.Thermal-Baths-in-Budapest-_-Szechenyi-Bath-2-1200x895
  2. Szechenyi Thermal Baths
    The thermals baths are the largest medicinal baths in Europe. There are two thermal springs that heat the water, with the temperature near 74 C (165 F) and 77 C (171 F). At the thermals baths, there are the three famous outdoor pools and there are fifteen indoor pools. What makes the thermal baths also a destination to go to si that you can sign up for personal massages or specality pools, such as a soak-in-beer treatment. Also, trasportation here is direct from the yelllow tram line so it’s impossible to get lost.
  3. Fisherman’s Bastion
    The bastion, which is inspired by a neo-Gothic and medieval concept, offers some of the best views in Budapest. It was built as a viewing platform in 1905 behind Matthais Church but became a bastion after it defended part of the castle wall.
  4. Royal Palace
    The (former) Royal Palace has been rebuilt at least half a dozen times over the past seven centuries. Today the Royal Palace contains the Hungarian National Gallery, the Castle Museum and the National Szechenyi Library. In order to get to the palace either the Habsburg Steps and through the gatweay dating back to 1903, or through the Corvinus Gate, with the black raven symbolising King Matthais Corvinus.great_maket_hall_01
  5. The Great Market
    This is the biggest market in Budapest, and since the renovation, it has become a tourist destination since 1996. Plenty of locals come to the market still in search of fruit, vegetables, deli items, fish and meat. The first floor is where one can find Hugarian folk costumes, dolls, painted eggs, embroidered tablecloths, carved hunting knives and other souvenirs. You can also purchase garlands of dried paprika, souvenir sacks and tins or paprika poweder and dozens of types of natural honey.


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