Why You Should Use AirBnB

Why You Should Use AirBnB

I’ve never used an AirBnB until my first trip to Budapest. I’ve always been a firm believed in hostels, as you can mingle with other travelling students and get to know places in the city that you may not have known about before. My roommate, Sam, has used AirBnB’s dozens of times before and recommended that since it was just the two of us we should rent one. She has nut and soy allergies, so she uses AirBnB’s for the kitchens that the apartments or houses can supply.

Over the two nights and three days we were in Budapest I compiled a list of reasons as to why I’m planning on using AirBnB again. Luckily my experience was a fantastic one and I’m excited to use AirBnB again when I travel to Berlin this weekend.


One of the reasons I love AirBnB is that you can get a decent flat with the perfect location. Yes, it may be a little bit more expensive then a hostel, but our AirBnB was located in central Pest. We were walking distance from not only the metro line but a mall, countless food shops, post offices, cell phone stores and a decent night life. Travelling anywhere in the city was easy. The location was also a safe one and there was not a time that I did not feel uncomfortable with walking around. I had never been to Budapest before so I was nervous, but our flat was well protected with gates. AirBnB’s are also not just in the city, so if you want to go towards more neighborhoods and residental areas that are quieter you have the option of any place that suits your needs.


For 25$ a night, we had two beds, a full kitchen, living room and bathroom. We also had a washer and dryer in case we needed to do laundry. I know that Hungry is cheaper then most cities, especially London, but we could’ve found cheaper places or more expensive places. I thought the place we were staying should have charged more because it was perfect for the two of us.


We may not have gotten free food like some hostels include but we got wifi, television, full kitchen and a washer and dryer. We were allowed to use all books and there were guides to places that the host would recommend. Nothing like this would have been offered in a hotel, and most hostels while they offer suggestions, do not make it as personable. It was also extremely quiet and my roommate and I could get as much (or as little) sleep as we may have wanted.


Instead of worrying about strick check-in and check-out times, our arrangements were discussed for what times suited ourselves and our host. Our host hid the key early so that whenever we arrived with our bags we could check out. When leaving, she gave us extra time as she knew that we were travelling and knew our flight was later in the afternoon. Instead of carrying our bags everywhere, we were able to have breakfast and relax instead of being rushed out in early hours of the morning.

So for my first time using an AirBnB it was a SUCCESS. Would absolutely recommend.


2 thoughts on “Why You Should Use AirBnB

  1. I am with you. I totally love airBnB. They have something for every budget. We have done it a bunch of times and always had good experiences.


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