Internship Seeking 101

Internship Seeking 101

We’re all looking for jobs, internships or oppertunities. That’s simply a fact. We want to find our dream job so that going to work every morning isn’t such a pain. When searching for my recently found internship, I used almost every app and website to help with the search. I, of course, applied directly to some internships via their websites and the adverts they posted, but I also found that applying to third-party sites helped. was the website that I found my internship at. I applied to, at least, three different adverts a day. Indeed alerts you when a job listing is posted that they believe might be of some interest. When you make a profile at Indeed, you can directly and easily apply to many of the advertisements on the website. If not, the adverts link you directly to the original listings and have all the information you need, whether that is questionaires or direct contact information. Applying through Indeed isn’t difficult and I found that this was the simplest way.


I composed two different resumes. One was an American-style resume where less information about previous work experience is not explained in detail. I also created a CV, which is more the European style. Depending on what company I was applying for depended on which resume I would submit. I also have a resume completed for any part time work I may ever apply to, listing the specifics as to why I think I would be a good assest for a clothing store or resturaunt I may need to work at. Along with different resumes, I composed a new CV for each application I submitted. While the general information remained the same, I made sure to include a few sentences about why I believed I would fit well with the company I was applying for. I also made sure to include the address and telephone number of the company at the top so that the company knew that I knew who they were.


One of my tricks is that I always go to an interview with a letter of recommendation. I’m close to an old profession of mine, as well as a previous manager, and when I schedule an interview I always ask to see if they have a moment to write a quick letter of recommendation. It does not have to be perfect but it’s nice to offer the hiring managers something that someone wrote about your work ethic and how you could be the perfect fit for the company.


For each interview, and resume submitted, I made sure to follow up. Whether this was thanking the interviewer for spending a half hour of their day talking to me and seeing if we were a good fit together, or simply to ask a company whether or not they had recieved the application, I always sent an email. It was a personal way for me to know if this was a company worth pursuing and to see if the company was interested in me. I hate knowing nothing, and I’d rather have a company explain that the position was filled or that I did not have the qualifications insead of me wondering whether or not I would hear from them.

Walk In

One of my close friends once told me that she landed her dream internship because she walked into a PR company and gave her resume to hiring manager on the spot. She walked into dozens of companies, asked if they were hiring, and regardless of whether or not they were she would leave a resume, cover letter and a recommendation letter. This was so the hiring manager could put a name to the face and see how determined she was to work for the company. Companies want to see that a potential intern wants to work for them, regardless of whether they’re looking now or later. Going in and making sure they recognize what you want is the best way to grab attention.

So those are some of my tips! Do you have any good intern-seeking, interview suggestions?! I know we all have our own tricks!


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