Top 10 Reasons Hostels Are Your Best Friend


I am a broke college student. I put the definition into the word ‘broke’. Being broke means travelling is harder to do successfully because you want to see the world but have a tight budget. That’s okay because now major cities are offering cheap accommodations: hostels.

Hostels can be more than just sleeping in between all the sight-seeing. They offer so much more.

Cheap Beds

Hostels offer beds that can fit your budget. They offer private rooms, which can be a bit more expensive, and can offer shared rooms. The bigger the room, the cheaper the bed. HostelWorld has been the biggest help when comparing prices between different hostels and has also helped with where the best location is. You can stay in the center of London, Paris and New York City for maybe less than $20 a night, which is impossible when looking into hotels or AirBnB’s.

Wireless Internet

All hostels have free internet. This is huge because in some cities public wifi is hard to come by. I found that Budapest was the hardest city to find wifi, whereas London has been the easiest. Most hostels also offer in-hostel bars with cheap drinks, book exchange, TV & films, computers and kitchens which help with budgeting and entertainment on early mornings or late nights. Hostels are no longer considered dogey with amenities like this.

Knowledgeable Locals

The people who work at the hostel are your best friends. Hostel staff are usually young travellers who want to help you have the best time while also finding the best places. They know the city the best and can have the best advice when looking into what to do and where to visit, as well as where to eat and drink. They understand what young travellers want to do on their trips into the city.

Meeting Other Travellers

I’ve had the privilege of meeting travellers from all over the world. It’s a great way to meet people who are like you: interested in travelling. Sometimes you can make lifetime friends and sometimes you can meet friends that’ll go on an adventure with you for just that night.

Communal Spirits

Sharing sleeping quarters and bathrooms make you get to know people real well. Many hostels offer bar crawls, boat cruises and other offers that’ll bring you close with people. Hostels are a way to know different types of people and understand that everyone is a little different yet a little similar too.

Great Locations

All hostels are going to be close to the city center. You’ll be close to all the night life and pretty close to tourist sites. Sure you may have to take public transport sometimes but at least you’ll only be a ten minute bus ride from the sights then an hour like some hotels offer.

Relaxed Atmosphere

You won’t feel pressured to go out if you’re not into the night life. You won’t feel pressured to come back early if you don’t want to wake anyone up. All hostels are roll-with-the-flow and let you make your own itinerary.

Discount Tickets

One of the best perks is that most hostels offer discount tickets for all the main attractions. It’s huge! You can save up to $10 on some attractions just by buying it through the hostel. I got a great discount when buying my tickets for the thermal baths in Budapest through the hostel and saved a decent amount of money. It’s worth it just to ask.

Guest Kitchen

One of my close friends has a lot of allergies and places that have a kitchen are what she loves. It also is a way to save money as you can make food instead of going out for every meal. I like making breakfast instead of buying it so I use the kitchens all the time!

Unusual Lodging

Hostels can be formed in the most unusual places. I once stayed in a hostel that used to be a prison back in the 1800’s. I have a friend who stayed in a three floor party hostel with a cortyard directly in the center. It seems like each building has its own history. Stay in a boathouse in Amsterdam, a treehouse in Greece, a castle in Barcelona or a cave in Turkey. You’ll have the most unique experience.

What are your favorite reasons to stay in a hostel?!


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