Best Podcast For Your Morning Commute


As someone who spends a lot of her time on the train commuting to from one exciting venture to the next, I’ve come to find that podcasts are an important part of my daily routine. Aside from using my headphones to ignore tourists on the train to distracting myself from the requirement I call ‘homework’, I use my podcast time to laugh, learn and motivate myself.

For the #girlboss

How I Built This (HIBT) is the perfect podcast for the girls that want to be the next HBIC. The series kicks off with the story of (arguably) the most kick-ass entrepreneur, Sara Blakely, the inventor of Spanx and also America’s youngest self-made billionaire.

HIBT is all about showcasing the hard work of some of the most successful field leaders and how they accomplished their goals. It also makes you feel bad for not having a solution for the simplistic tasks of day-to-day life.

Other notable guests include: Jim Koch of Sam Adams, Dave Gilboa & Neil Blumenthal of Warby Parker, Ali Webber of DryBar and Mark Cuban the sharkiest of them all.

Listen Here: How I Built This, iTunes

For the Girl Obsessed with Gone Girl 

Up and Vanished is about how on October 22, 2005 a high school teacher and retired pageant queen Tara Grinstead went missing. After over a decade, amateur investigator Payne Lindsay wanted to find out why. With Up and Vanished, Lindsay guides listeners through his case research, interviewing individuals and professionals who’ve seen mishandled information and secrecy and firsthand.

Don’t Google this ending – the ending is amazing and is too good to ruin!

Listen Here: Up and Vanished, iTunes

For the Celeb-Obsessed (aka me)

Anna Faris, who is known for her role in What’s Your Number? and for being the love of Chris Pratt’s life (even when he was the big, goofy Andy Dwyer) is unqualified. Meaning she’s no relationship expert, but that doesn’t stop fans from calling in and asking her (and her celebrity fans) for advice on their various dating-related issues. As she puts it so eloquently: NOT-SO-GREAT RELATIONSHIP ADVICE FROM COMPLETELY UNQUALIFIED HOLLYWOOD TYPES.

Unqualified honestly feels like you’re sitting on the couch with two (very famous) funny best friends.

Listen Here: Unqualified, iTunes

For the Girl in Need of a Pep-Talk

This one is one of my favorites (I have a soft spot for Ted Talks). As a millennial, you’ve more than likely heard or seen Ted Talks. Whether that’s on Facebook from your mom or from Beyonce’s Flawless video, Ted Talks are taking over the world. With Ted Radio Hour, you get not only clips from the rehearsed Talks on stage but you also get to hear from a number of experts on topics ranging from being happy to defining beauty to getting organized.

Listen Here: Ted Radio, iTunes

For the Girl Who Fowards The Skimm to Everyone She Knows

The Daily is the perfect podcast for your morning commute. It consists of twenty-minute episodes, five days a week, explaining what is happening in the world. The Daily is ready at 6am, which means you can drop the early morning talk shows and learn a thing or two over your morning coffee.

Listen Here: The Daily, iTunes

For the Fearless Feminist

Stuff Mom Never Told You digs into every part of being a woman in the world we’re living in, from finding your work wife to health and beauty. Hosts Cristen and Caroline answer questions you probably didn’t know you had while helping you understand feminism and gender. When you aren’t on your way to work (unless your on the train!) look at their blog too!

Listen Here: Stuff Mom Never Told You, iTunes


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