Review: The Woman in Black


Over the weekend I had the privilege to see the live performance of The Woman in Black at the Fortune Theatre in London. The tickets fell into my lap suddenly and I had the chance to see the show with three of my friends.

I hadn’t read the play before and had seen the Daniel Radcliff adaptation almost ten years ago, so going into the show I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Overall, the show was okay. I haven’t seen a play recently, mostly focusing on the musical performances London has been advertising, so perhaps this is one of the reasons I found my mind wandering during select parts.

The acting was perhaps the best part of the show. Over the course of two hours there were only two actors and one actress performing. The two actors, Stuart Fox (Mr. Kipps) and Joseph Chance (the actor) gave life to a rather dull plot. They embraced all of the characters they were assigned, especially Fox’s ability to play over five different characters within the two hours. Chance brought humor to the show as well as suspense when the Woman in Black appeared.

There were not many props and the audience was forced to use their imagination throughtout the play. The wicker basket could be considered the fourth actor, ranging from a desk to a horse, considering it became a necessary prop throughout the performance.

Mostly, the lack of enthusiasm has to do more with the plot. I was led to believe, because of those who had seen the show before, that the show itself would be spooky and leave me on the edge of my seat. I was put in suspense but never scared. If scary was the director’s intention, then it was not successful.

Overall, the theatre was nice. There was very little leg room and the prices for drinks and snacks were outragous (something to expect in any theatre performance) but in the theatre there could be no bad seating.


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